Installation in GCP#

Installing Giskard in GCP enables you to inspect & test models that you created in the GCP environment (Workbench, Vertex AI, etc.). Here are the 3 steps to install Giskard in a new VM instance in GCP:

1. Create a Giskard VM Instance in GCP#

  1. Go to VM instances in Compute Engine and create a VM instance

  2. In the configuration of your VM :

    1. We recommend you choose at least an e2-standard-2 (2vCPU, 8GB memory)

    2. Choose Allow full access to all Cloud APIs

    3. In the firewall section, allow HTTP and HTTPS traffic

  3. Connect to your VM in SSH by opening a browser window

  4. Create a firewall rule to open the 19000 port of the Giskard instance. Here is the command line that you can execute in the terminal opened by your SSH connection:

gcloud compute firewall-rules create giskard-main --allow tcp:19000


Make sure you have the proper rights to open a port. If not contact your GCP administrator.


Creating the firewall rules can also be done through UI in the VPC Networksection:

  • Go to the firewall in VPC Network section of GCP

  • Click on create a firewall rule

  • In Targets, select All instances in the network

  • In Source filter, choose IPv4 ranges

  • In source IPv4 ranges, select

  • In Protocols and ports, select Specified protocols and ports

  • Then select TCP, and type 19000

2. Install Giskard in the GCP VM#

  • Installation of the Giskard requirements (git and docker)

 curl -fsSL -o
 sudo sh
  • Installation of Giskard

giskard server start

3. Connect to your instance and start uploading ML model#

  • Get the external IP address of your Giskard VM in the VM instances section of the Compute Engine

  • Go to http://<your IP address>:19000 in your web browser


You can stop the instance and restart it when you need to save your GCP compute costs. However, note that

  • the IP address will not necessarily be the same. So make sure you copy it again when itโ€™s launched.

  • you will need to restart the giskard server, by executing in the Giskard folder:

giskard server start

Thatโ€™s it, you are now ready to use Giskard in GCP! Now you can start uploading an artifact! To do that in GCP, you can use a workbench notebook, for example!