Setup a ngrok account#

In order to expose the Giskard Hub to the internet, you would need to perform the following steps

1. Sign up here#

You will be prompted by the following:


You would need to have either Google Authenticator or 1Password on your phone to generate codes.

2. Generate an API key here#

Copy the following key:


3. Expose the giskard hub#

Now you can run giskard hub expose --ngrok-token <ngrok_API_key> which should prompt you with the following instructions::

Exposing Giskard Hub to the internet...
Giskard Hub is now exposed to the internet.
You can now upload objects to the Giskard Hub using the following client:

client = giskard.GiskardClient("<ngrok_external_server_link>", token)

# To run your model with the current Python environment on Google Colab, execute these lines:

%env GSK_API_KEY=...
!giskard worker start -d -u <ngrok_external_server_link> --name <your-project-worker-id>

# To let Giskard Hub run your model in a managed Python environment, execute these lines:

%env GSK_API_KEY=...
!giskard worker start -s -u <ngrok_external_server_link> --name <your-project-worker-id>