How to configure local development environmentΒΆ

After cloning the repository here are the useful commands to set up the local environment:

Pre-commit hooks installationΒΆ

Pre-commit hooks ensure that the basic code quality checks are performed before the code is committed

The current pre-commit hool configuration is defined in .pre-commit-config.yaml

To install it run:

brew install pre-commit
pre-commit install

Run pre-commit hook manually to fix easy issuesΒΆ

In case the build is failing because of the pre-commit checks that don’t pass it’s possible to fix easy issues by running

pre-commit run --all-files

and then committing the fixed files


Fatal Python error: segmentation fault when running pytest on MacOSΒΆ

This is probably caused by a known issue with libomp>=12 and LightGBM on MacOS. You can avoid this problem by downgrading libomp to version 11.1.0, which is compatible with LightGBM.

$ wget
$ brew install ./libomp.rb