Contribute to GiskardΒΆ

How to add your custom ML tests to Giskard’s open-source project

Push your tests in the Giskard repoΒΆ

  • Clone the Giskard repository

  • Create a GitHub branch with the base as main, starting with test-contribution/name-of-your-branch

  • Write your test inside one of the classes (MetamorphicTests, HeuristicTests, PerformanceTests or DriftTests) inside this repo. If your test does not fit these classes, you can also create a custom class in a new file.

  • We recommend writing unit tests for your test functions: this is the way you can execute and debug your test! Unit tests should be placed in this directory.



A unit test is executed with a test model and test data provided as fixtures.

For example, in test_precision function, we use german_credit_data and german_credit_model as fixtures. If necessary, you can create your own fixtures; check this directory to know how.

  • Create a Pull Request



Let us guide you with an example where you want to create a heuristic test function: