What is AVID?ΒΆ

The AI Vulnerability Database (AVID) is an open-source knowledge base focused on documenting the failure modes of AI models, datasets, and systems.

The AVID project has two focus areas:

  • a Taxonomy of failure modes of AI systems across the categories of security, ethics, and performance

  • a Database of reports about such failures, containing detailed and structured information about each failure event

Find out more on https://avidml.org.

Why integrating with Giskard?ΒΆ

The Giskard scan is a powerful tool to detect vulnerabilities in your AI models, from traditional ML to LLMs. Its integration with AVID taxonomy provides improved standardized reporting of vulnerabilities, and the ability to share your vulnerability reports with the community.

AVID taxonomy in the Giskard scan reportΒΆ

By default, all Giskard scan reports indicate the AVID taxonomy categories that are relevant to the detected vulnerabilities. You can find this information in the detail view of each issue in the scan widget:


Exporting AVID reports from the Giskard scanΒΆ

You can export your Giskard scan report as an AVID report. First, make sure you have installed the avidtools package in your environment:

pip install avidtools

Then, once you have run the Giskard scan, you can export the report as an AVID report:

import giskard as gsk

scan_report = gsk.scan(my_model, my_dataset)

# Export the report as a list of AVID reports (one per each vulnerability)
avid_reports = scan_report.to_avid()

You can also export these reports directly in a JSONL file (one AVID report per line):

# Write the AVID reports to a JSONL file